Cleaning Mattresses - part 2 - tips and tricks

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Speaking of getting a chance to air out, fabric fresheners have been making a world of difference to mattresses since many of them tap and remove odors and odor-causing bacteria, and it is also a nice way to bring back that first-day-you-brought-your-mattress-home feeling! Moreover, these fabric fresheners work on any and all fabric surfaces so there's never the chance of staining or having your type of mattress ruined.

Fabric and upholstery detergents are also great ways to keep mattresses clean as they not only remove surface dirt, but they also sanitize your mattress. When shampooing your mattresses with these detergents, it is important to bear a couple things in mind.

Firstly, make sure that your type mattress is not sensitive to the detergent you intend to use. Some mattresses, such a memory foam and latex mattresses can be particularly sensitive to the chemicals in some detergents and this in turn can cause your type of mattress to lose some if its peculiar qualities.

Also, remember that mattresses aren't solid surfaces, they are soft and thin and moisture can get deep into the mattress which can turn your mattress into a breeding ground for bacteria.

So when cleaning your mattresses using liquid detergents, always do it very early in the morning or at a time when you will have many hours before the bed needs to be used, and keep the mattress in a dry area that will allow it to dry thoroughly. There are cleaners available on the market that are manufactured solely for the purpose of removing tough stain for upholstery like carpets and mattresses.

These cleaners tend to be very strong chemical cleaners and you should always find out if they will harm your mattress before use. Where these cleaners may prove too strong for your mattress, another popular option for removing stains has been steam/heat treatments.

And these treatments can be done professionally or at home using a steam vacuum with the upholstery attachment. And lastly, don't forget to utilize mattress covers. These are great ways to keep the mattress itself as clean as possible. Washing bedding regularly is also a great way to prevent bacteria from going deep down into your mattress and so is vacuuming your mattress as this will help with dust and mites.

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