Asphalt Shingles Installation Tips and tricks

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Here are some tips on how to install asphalt shingles.

1. It is imperative to install asphalt shingles properly in order to get secure protection from heavy rains and frozen water that build up on the edge of your roof and can seep under your lower shingles and drip into your home. Start by applying some self-adhesive waterproofing underlayment to the bare roof sheathing and seal around nails that are driven through it. These self-adhesive underlayments should be applied from the eave to a minimum of two feet past the exterior walls.

2. Cover the remainder of the roof with asphalt- saturated felt underlayment in order to keep the roof deck dry before you start installing the shingles, and make sure that each layer is overlapping the lower one by at least two inches, then nail the drip edge along the sides of the roof on top of the underlayment making sure that the upper pieces are overlapping the lower pieces.

3. Locate the center of the roof at the top and the wave, and snap a vertical chalk line, which will be the point where you will begin installing your shingles, moving in a clockwise manner toward the rakes. To install the first row of shingles (usually called the starter strip) cut the tabs off a three-tab shingles and apply them with a self-sealing adhesive strip facing upward along the eave. This starter row should have a slight overhang usually around a ¼" to 3/8" over the drip edge.

4. Now nail the starter strip of shingles, directly on top of and flush with the starter course using four roofing nails for each shingle and then begin snapping horizontal chalk lines up the roof to make sure that the rows are straight. Be sure and leave at least five inches of shingle tabs exposed just approximately where the bottom edge of the tab joins the top of the cutout.
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